Fact Fondue - Penn State

Because we're worried about running into JoePa, we're gonna take it a little easy this week.

Be careful Lion Ambassadors, we're covering the lion in melted dairy.

  • More than 2.5 million ice cream cones per year are produced on campus
    • The first creamery was founded in 1889 for $7,000
    • More than 102 flavors are made on site, with 20 on hand
  • More than 107,000 people can fit inside Beaver Stadium
    • That's 45,000 more than a sold out Ross Ade and just a little less than three times the amount of people that showed up for Purdue vs Minnesota this year
  • The THON - is a 2 day dance marathon used to raise money for cancer research. It's the largest student run philanthropic organization in the world; they raised over $9.5 million in 2011
  • In 2008, Penn State spent 300 Million more than we did on research
    • Jische's plan had not been fully realized yet!
  • The mascot was created on the spot to intimidate the Princeton Tigers
    • Nittany comes from a near by mountain range
    • There are two alabaster lion statues named Ma and Pa on campus 
    • Another lion shrine was created as a place to hold pep rallies
      • This is the one that is guarded during home coming
        • JoePa's wife put easy to remove Syracuse Orange paint on the lion to create some emotion and energy, but once the paint was removed, actual Syracuse fans came back and painted it up nicely with oil based paints
        • in 2004 someone came and broke the ear off the statue, this has caused the statue to be guarded before all home games
  • When Joe Paterno started coaching...
    • Gas was 18 cents a gallon
    • Chicken was 43 cents a pound
    • Large eggs were 49 cents a dozen
    • Toilet paper was 5 cents a roll

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