What would you do?

Imagine this:

A kid from Lafayette grows up and goes to school over in West Lafayette.  Okay, so Lafayette isn't exactly West Lafayette, but it's close, and it's basically the same thing.  Now imagine that kid is Rob Hummel.  The same Hummel who is adored by the entire Purdue fan base.  Now it's 2009 at a press conference before the Minnesota game.  Hummel personally guarantees a championship this year.  The of course, he gets hurt.  Fast forward to next year.  He's healthy now, and before school starts up again he decides to transfer to IU.  He also announces this decision on national television and states that Purdue is small time and he wants to be on the national stage.

How would you react when he came back to Mackey to play against Purdue?  A player that you loved and supported with your entire being.  What would you feel?  What would you do?  Well if you're me then you'd want the Boilermakers to field a team of 5 Brian Cardinals and physically beat him down any time he tried to do anything.

Now of course, in this story West Lafayatte and Lafayette are played by Cleveland and Akron.  Rob Hummel is played by LeBron James, and the 5 Brian Cardinals are played by 5 school girls dressed in Cleveland Cavalier uniforms.  The girls who are too enamored with him to dare make him uncomfortable by delivering clean hard fouls every time he goes to the rack.

That's what Cleveland wanted.  They didn't want to kill him (well maybe some did).  They wanted to deliver a message.  The fans did their part.  They made him uncomfortable and let him know what they thought of his ESPN fiasco and his arrogance.  The players on the floor rolled over and played dead.  They didn't dare touch him.  The very first points scored were on a Wade dunk where Anthony Parker was right behind him.  He stood there and watched him dunk.  What he should have done is clubbed him and made sure he earned the points on the stripe.  For one night I wished the Cavs were the late 80's Detroit Pistons.  Then the players would have made sure they were on the same page with the fans.  Instead, while the fans poured out their feelings the Cavs players yucked it up with James in front of their own bench.

Where to now?  The team will get blown up and the perpetual rebuilding will begin.

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