Boilers-Bama Predicto

Those of you who visit the site regularly know that B-dowd is more of the analyst around here, while I'm just the window dressing, eye candy, what have you. However, he's on his way to the other side of the world right now (BS's tentacles are far-reaching) and so it's up to me to steer the ship.

And I must admit, I feel a bit foolish just getting to this prediction post for today's game now. I should have done it sooner. I apologize. To be honest, though, I didn't even realize Purdue and Alabama were playing until just recently. I must have missed it but there it is on the schedule, 3:30 PM Purdue versus Alabama. Huh, 3:30... must be the marquee ABC game. Maybe Brent Musburger will be doing it.

This rivalry goes back a ways, believe it or not. Nick Saban was the coach of Michigan State for a while there and while he did good things for Sparty, Joe Tiller sort of owned him. In 1999 Michigan State was 5-0 and highly ranked. They came into Ross-Ade and Joe Tiller and Drew Brees laid a 52-28 whupping on an MSU team that would wind up 10-2. Overall, Saban was 0-3 at MSU versus the Tiller Boilers and 1-3-1 overall vs Purdue.

However, this Alabama team is a bit different. Purdue's only hope is that the game is in West Lafayette and the Tide are coming off a horrible collapse against Auburn last weekend. Of course, this could also only serve to amp them up and have them takes things out on Purdue. What do we think?

Boilerdowd says:

I like the Boilers in this one...big. I didn't really at first but then after spending a night with Travis from Hammer & Rails, I was converted. (In more ways that one... hey-yo!) I think the Boilermakers will slap around Alabama and show them how we do things downtown in the Big Ten.

I don't even know what I meant by that. I'm thirsty.

Purdue: 77
Alabama: 6

Tim says:

I'm hungry. I like hamburgers. But I don't eat fast food anymore. I made it a personal goal to not eat fast food. So now I go to places like Steak-N-Shake instead because, you know, since you sit down and have a waitress it's technically not fast food, right?  I mean, I'm not saying I did it for the health benefits...I just wanted to be able to say I haven't eaten fast food in a year or two. What? Are you judging me? All I ever wanted to do was watch LeBron, eat deep fried food and grope my wife. And now I've only got one of those things left, so I'm clinging to it. She says it hurts. I don't care.

Purdue: A banana
Alabama: Boobies!

J says:

We're a little worried about Tim. We're having him checked. For rabies.

I think I might have done this post wrong.

Purdue: 81
Alabama: 73


Boilers Grind Alabama Into a Fine Powder

What would you do?