This Just in: The Meaning of success has changed.

Matt Barkley has a good chance of being dreamy while at USC

Success used to mean "Favorable or desired outcome" (according to Webster's Dictionary).

But USA Today has decided to ignore that definition.

Today, the sports page of this silly paper had an article about USC's true-frosh starter, Matt Barkley. And clearly, the writer is someone who doesn't have the internet to research his articles and has a depth of college football knowledge similar to my son's (he's three).

The author, David Leon Moore, thinks Barkley has a chance at being a "successful" QB at SC, but can only remember three other true Freshman from major conferences that have been "successful".

Chad Henne- absolutely (25TD, 12 INT, 60.2% comp, 9-3 record).
Matthew Stafford- ehhhhh... (7TD, 13 INT, 52.7% comp, 9-4 record)
Jimmy Clausen- Alright, dude is drunk (7TD, 6INT, 56.3% comp, 3-9 record).

I can't figure out what makes Pickles successful in this stat line- he had more TDs than INTs, but he only had 7 TDs...his completion % is under 60, and unlike Stafford, his record as a starter during his first season was a rock-solid 3-9.

Good research, Mr. Moore.

I get the point- it's difficult to start as a true freshman and succeed- TRUE!! But, you could have said it like the LA Times instead of grasping at straws while making comparisons.

Last year, as a true-Frosh, Terrelle Pryor had more TDs, fewer INTs, a better completion percentage, and the Buckeyes won a lot of games. Adam Weber had a TON more TDs and a better completion percentage in '07. I just thought of those...and I don't get paid to write for a living...but I do have an internet connection to research my theories; I guess I'm one-up on Mr. Moore.

At least Moore got this right-

"This is the Barkley that Carroll and the Trojans have come to know. He has the looks (ruggedly handsome, blond hair and a toothy grin) and stature (barrel-chested, 6-2 and 230 pounds) of a central casting big man on campus."

Nice reporting, sir...Women between the ages of 16 and 20 will love reading your story.

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