Ducky Thoughts From August

In case you wanted to be refreshed, here's just one Oregon blog and their early look at Purdue-Oregon from back in early August. They even enlisted T-Mill of Hammer and Rails to discuss. Then they predicted a 32-20 win. I'm not saying this is right or wrong or anything. I just want you all to be aware. And then their fans began commenting on that post and putting forth their predictions:

We’re better now and we’re at home. I predict a new comfortable win. Oregon 45, Purdue 21.

Oregon wins with at least a 21 point spread. 38-17.

Will we finally see Nate Costa’s debut in fourth quarter mop-up? Oregon 48, Purdue 24.

It should be a fun game, but I sincerely doubt a close one. Purdue is lacking the offensive weapons, unless Taylor brings his super duper shoes (which I suppose is probably not totally out of the question). Oregon 41 – Purdue 13.

Oregon will kill Purdue, 40-10.

ehhh, probably somewhere around 40-21.

Well, it sure does sound like we're just going to see our boys get their asses kicked. They probably shouldn't even go out to Oregon. But, you know, just in case... I bet they will.

I'm not saying these predictions won't happen -- hey, they might. But for some reason, I have no problems at all with an opponent and their fan base being this cocky. Maybe they're not anymore, but they sure were a month ago.


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