That didn't take too long...

Carl Landry (as usual) led the way for our Purdue Boilermakers (26pts. 9reb.) yesterday in Happy Valley along with fellow senior David Teague (12pts. 4ast.). Every time the Boilers needed something- a basket, a rebound a defensive stop, it seems like one of these Seniors was Johnny-on-the-spot. Chris Kramer battled through the flu to frustrate the PSU offense with the scrappy hustle plays that have become his trademark. So what does this mean?

Well, it probably means that the Boilers need to win 5 of the last 7 to get into the NCAA my opinion, all games are winnable, except the roadie to Columbus. Hopefully, this young team and the two Seniors will make the decision to put them in or leave them out very difficult for the selection committee.

What has happened during the course of the last 29 road losses for our Boilers?

-Terrorists attacked Madrid
-A tsunami devastated Indonesia, Sri Lanka & other countries
-Kobe Bryant's rape charges were dropped
-President Bush was re-elected
-Katrina devastated South Louisianna & Mississippi
-Terrorists attacked London
-Gene Keady resigned/Matt Painter took over as Purdue's coach
-Gene Keady hired by Toronto Raptors as assistant coach
-Gene Keady let go by Raptors
-My wife had a child
-J Money & Tim got engaged (not to eachother, but to separate women)
-Purdue's football program has gone from nationally respected to nationally unimportant

Let's hope our Boilers don't wait another three years to win a road game.

Pretty Fricking Super

Super Bowl Extra Large Eye (tm, Tim)