The Boiled Sports Party Bus?

Behold an awesome link to a Craigslist posting selling the pictured Boilermaker party bus.

If you've got $10,000 and are willing to be a donor to Boiled Sports, we'll put your name on the side of the bus and put your info all over our Web site to promote you or your business. Seriously, we would.

Seeing things like this makes me (and likely, my co-editors) think about the parallel universe where we're all bachelors. Understand, this is not to say we'd change our lives -- we love our wives/families -- but for those married guys out there, you know what I'm talking about. Every now and then, maybe when you get a bonus or, say, a 1961 greyhound bus becomes available, you think to yourself, "Self, I wonder if I would just buy this thing if I didn't have the missus looking over the bills...."

That's one of the reasons why we got married, of course, because wives often keep us from being stupid.

Still, that thing is the nuts. From the description:

Yes it even has a POLE. Bose speakers, flat screen stereo, Bathroom, Fridge etc.

There really is nothing like a "flat-screen stereo."

These are the times (even more than usual) where I wish I was independently wealthy. Because this thing would be chugging its way to whatever bowl games the football team makes as well as many road games during the season. I could also see it parked in Indianapolis at the Final Four next year, while all our favorite loyal BS readers come to a velvet rope party inside.

Of course, we'd need a chick to dance around the pole. And I know we have a few female readers.....

(Hat tip to reader Jason who alerted us to this beauty.)

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