We Demand An Apology!

The other day, our compatriot Travis of the esteemed establishment Hammer & Rails, put forth an opinion on a number of teams being a bit overrated. In his opinion. One of those teams was Syracuse. A 'cuse site then publicized Travis' post and sent in the dogs after him. Some of them made valid points, most made obnoxious, antagonistic remarks.

In the end, the result was that Travis put up an apology. AN APOLOGY! For his opinion. Understand, he didn't insult anyone, he didn't curse at anyone, he said nothing about anyone's mother. He simply gave his opinion. Which is what bloggers do.

I sincerely hope when Syracuse flames out before they should (as they always do, except for the one time Carmelo Anthony carried them to a title) that the 'cuse chest-thumpers who came after Hammer and Rails can offer their own apology.

(Oh, and by the way, SYRACUSE LOST TO A DIVISION II SCHOOL THIS YEAR. This is not up for debate. They lost. To a D-2 school. LOST. I don't care that it was exhibition. Syracuse should not lose to a D-II school if they're on a playground playing with only four players. There is no excuse for that. So stop it.)

In the meantime, I'd like to point out that dear Travis made a prediction on the Purdue-MSU game the other night. And that prediction? MSU 72, Purdue 68.

That's right. He picked against our Boilermakers. And I've decided that this is a sign of disrespect. And as such:



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