I don't think anyone thought Iowa would put up much of a fight in Mackey this afternoon, but it shocked me that they sent their JV squad for a conference game.

The kid wearing the Gatens jersey shot 1-10 and finished with 3 points...Payne turned the ball over 7 times and Cole, the best player on this overmatched squad fouled out with 13 minutes left. The coach's son tried hard and had a great attitude.

To say they struggled with JJ would be an understatement. In fact, it seems that they adopted the hack-a-JJ philosphy in the second half...and he still was scoring on 'em.

Not a whole bunch to write home about- JJ looked like an all-con guy and had 21/10 and 2 blocks. Smooge and the Ostrich didn't shoot too well, and combined for 20 points...Hummel had 4 assists...Moore had 3 steals, and arguably the nastiest dunk of the relatively-new year. Kramer finished with 7 points, 5 rebounds, 4 steals and a block. KG also had 7 points and looked as good as he has in over a month. LewJack played more minutes (20) than he has since the injury and was working his mojo a bit, especially with JJ. He had 6pts, 5 ast & a steal...but his on-ball defense was smothering and his pace was unmatched by Iowa. Hart and Barlow both played pretty quietly.

Purdue wins 63-40...and honestly, I have no clue why guys like Byrd, Smith, Bade and Wohlford didn't play more minutes.

The really good news is Purdue wasn't looking ahead to the big time matchup versus aOSU at the odd time/day of Wednesday @ 6:30pm. Good guys will be wearing black again...and the rhythm that this team has found the last few games will most surely be tested at Value City.

Daytime Talkshow Update
I didn't like Oprah before this week...this doesn't help anything.

Congrats, JJ

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