Pretty Fricking Super

The Indianapolis Colts are World Champs...and from the perspective of a guy who lives just outside of Indianapolis, it's pretty great. The build-up to the game was fun, and the celebrations after have been tame. I am happy for Manning and Dungy both who have constantly been told that they just can't win the big game.

So, Peyton Manning won't have to answer anymore questions about his legacy now that he's won a Super Bowl...or will he? No joke- At 11:45 pm Eastern, on ESPN, the smart guys on ESPN asked the question- "Does Peyton need to win two to cement his legacy as one of the greats?" Seriously, that has to be the most stupid question ever asked. I think his legacy is just fine- he's got some individual records, his team won 13 in a row in 2005, he was part of one of the biggest comebacks in playoff history and his team is now the World Champion. I am pretty sure it's OK to say he's a great quarterback. Further, he now can win the big game; I'd argue he won the last two big shut it, ESPN. He's jumped through plenty of hoops.

Does anyone else think the Colts might win another now?

Do it for the children!

That didn't take too long...