BS Predictorama Rankings - Week 7

Simply getting out of bed and seeing how terrible our predictions are makes this hard to continue. It's getting ugly. Strike that. It IS ugly.

The predictions for week seven were

Tim says:
Northwestern - 20
Purdue - 10

J Money says:
Purdue - 27
Northwestern - 24

Boilerdowd says:
Purdue - 35
Northwestern - 24

Purdue didn't even bother to show up to that game. They got dominated by Northwestern. NORTHWESTERN! The final score of another terrible showing was Northwestern 48 - Purdue 26.

I picked up a point for picking Northwestern to win. Whoopty-do. Will Purdue even win another game? J Money and Boilerdowd split a point for closest to Northwestern's score. Boilerdowd picks up a point for being closest to Purdue's score and another for being closest to overall final score.

The scoring for week 7 is

Boilerdowd : 2.5
Tim : 1
J Money : 0.5

So the tally for the season so far is

Boilerdowd : 16
Tim : 12
J Money : 10

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