The switch flips on; Boilers romp

Versus Wake, Purdue shot most Purdue fans were pretty sure we'd see an offensive explosion tonight versus Buffalo. But I don't think anyone thought they'd see this:

-Chris Kramer would have more points than everybody on the team, except Smooge, in just 17 minutes of action.

-The Ostrich continued his shooting woes...if you're worried about him, you're foolish, in my opinion.

-Purdue won the rebounding battle, yet again and Kelsey Barlow led the team with eight boards. The ever-improving Frosh had a great line- 8pts, 9reb, 16 minutes. But man, that dude looks pissed almost all of the time.

-The Boilers scored over 100 points and did so (to a large extent) on the back of solid three point walk-ons and Freshman.

-John Hart got to play double-digit minutes...and directed traffic as much of the team he played with was comprised of guys who played their high school ball 25 minutes (or much less) from Mackey Arena. Oh yeah, Hart also made it rain by going 3-for-4 and finished with eight points.

-DJ Byrd didn't have the best statistical night...but he had a 3-or-4 minute span in which he kinda took the game over making his presence felt in every phase.

-Patrick Bade still is having trouble finishing around the bucket...but he drained a 20-footer with ease in the middle of the deluge of treys late in the second half.

The Boilers were up by 40 for much of the second half...and even with walk-ons and newbies playing almost entire the second half versus many of Buffalo's normal rotation, Purdue still won 101 to 65.

Here's a bit of perspective- According to Pomeroy, Bufallo was the 174th-best team in America (IU is 167th), and Purdue was 9th. Buffalo looked pretty bad for 3/4 of the game...but mostly because Purdue simply smothered them with Matty's balls-to-the-wall defensive system.

The Paint Crew was pretty darned awesome today- a different distraction chant every time Buffalo came to the strip in the second half and the group, in spite of a few slackers not coming to the game, the Boiler students were great as usual. Of course, the rest of Mackey was like a library for much of the game.

Here are a few other observations from Mackey:

-Marcius dressed, but had a boot on his foot. He looks large and should be a big help. It'd be great to see him by the first of '10.

-LewJack looks especially tiny on crutches.

-I saw incoming PF/C Travis Carroll at Mackey- he's a big body, but doesn't particularly look like a basketball player. He reminded me of Matt Howard after watching his videos, and after seeing him in person, I am even more reminded of Butler's big man because of their similar body types.

And speaking of recruits, is anyone else just stoked about incoming Freshman and other recruits that are diamonds in the rough? Barlow wasn't the highest touted player in '09, but looks like he has the potential to be excellent as his career progresses. Hummel, while a 4-star wasn't as highly respected and didn't have nearly as many offers as his old little league pal, but that's turned out alright.

I am already excited about Hale, Carroll...and even Molock in a few seasons. Painter seems to be a pretty good assessor of talent, which is A-OK, if you're into that sort of thing.

Purdue hosts Robbie's old hometown institution of higher learning before heading to Alabama in a week.

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