Final Regular Season Blogpoll

Here lies the final Blogpoll ballot for the regular season. Comments and input request after the poll.

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 3
2 Texas 1
4 Cincinnati 1
5 Boise State 1
6 Florida 4
7 Oregon 1
8 Ohio State 1
9 Iowa 1
10 Penn State 1
11 Stanford 2
12 Georgia Tech 7
13 Oregon State 4
14 Miami (Florida)
15 LSU 1
16 West Virginia 5
17 Virginia Tech 8
18 Pittsburgh
19 Brigham Young 3
20 Houston 8
21 Oklahoma State 2
22 Nebraska 2
23 Wisconsin
24 Central Michigan
25 Southern Cal 10
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: California (#17).

  • Lots of teams I'm not sure what to do with. Lots of teams semi-deserving and I don't know how to parse it. Should USC still be ranked? Should Arizona get in there? I also considering votes for Nevada, Fresno and Northwestern. Thoughts?

  • If I had voted at the conclusion of the Texas-Nebraska game Saturday night, I would not have put Texas number 2. They did not play all that well and, yeah, yeah, Nebraska's defense is good...whatever. Texas has steamrolled teams all year and I'd been voting them number 1 for a while because I was not completely sold on Florida or Alabama. I turned out to be right about Florida (Tebow can only exert his will so far) but Alabama -- when properly prepared -- does look impressive.

  • All that said, I obviously did vote UT number 2 because how can you justify not? They were #3 and won their conference championship game. Still, I'd have loved to see Nebraska win and TCU or Cinci get a shot.

  • I also feel like maybe Miami is too high. Should Houston still be there? I think so, because ten wins is ten wins.

  • Wisconsin returns after an impressive beatdown of Hawaii. Yes, it was only Hawaii, but that's a hell of a road trip for Wisconsin and they were focused. Though if pasty fat kids from Wisconsin go out in the Hawaiian sun they burst into flames (or melt into cheese curds) so I guess they had nothing to do but prep for the Rainbow Warriors.

This is the last poll until after the bowls so let me know if I have these right -- or close to right.

Thanks for the input all season.

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