Want To Ask Danny Hope About Game Decisions Over Lunch?

For just $170, you can do that all season long.

Found on the Knucklehead boards today:

"The Downtown Gridiron Club is an organization that meets Monday's (sic) for lunch to break down the film highlights of the previous Saturday's Purdue football game. Coach Danny Hope is on hand to give commentary and shed insight on the ins and outs of the game highlights. This is a great opportunity for Purdue fans to enjoy the fellowship of other fans, have a nice lunch, and hear Coach Hope speak about his team. Luncheons are held at The Trails, 325 Burnetts Road, West Lafayette, with doors opening at 11:00 with the program beginning at noon. The first luncheon will be Monday, September 10th with a review of the Notre Dame game. Season tickets are $170 for eleven lunches. For more information, call Jim MacDonald or Clint Brand at 765-742-7366."

Anyone want to be a plant for BS and ask the questions we all want to ask?

I also love that it's "a great opportunity for Purdue fans to enjoy the fellowship of other fans..." Oh, and to confront the head coach who you may or may not be losing your patience with. Seriously, if there is a bludgeoning at the hands of a team like Wisconsin again, is the luncheon two hours of awkward silence?

Posting here for those who may be interested. Quite honestly, I joke, but we think this sounds kind of awesome.

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