Crazy Crap! (completely off the topic...but hilarious)

When you're out really late at night/early in the morning during the week in the Greater Indianapolis area, not a whole bunch is going on...not a lot of traffic on the roads, not a lot opened. But, on the national radio dial a whole bunch of insanity is raging while everybody sleeps.

My older brother checked himself into the ER at a local hospital due to abdominal pain and had to have his appendix removed last night...I waited for him to come out of his drug-induced fog, and then headed home thankful that my brother was doing much better than he had been a few hours before.

But when I left, I was treated to some of the most ridiculous drivel I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Here is what I learned during my 20 minute drive home:

-The Bible has a whole bunch of obvious references to aliens...if you'd just look for them.
-There are large aliens buried beneath the mountains in Mexico, and further south in South America...and they're being held dormant by a technological super-power multi-national government organization.
-Most Science Fiction movies and TV shows have a basis of truth revealed to the writers via agents in the CIA back in the 1940s.
-A large real OR fake alien invasion is imminent! A one-world government will fulfill prophecy by fighting off such an attack.
-There is a planet in our solar system called Nibiru (that is larger than Jupiter) that is only visible to NASA telescopes on the South Pole...It will become visible to everyone in 2011...right before the invasion in 2012...The End of the World on the Mayan calendar!

Scary, I know!

Honestly, I thought the conspiracy quacks that believe the moon landing was a hoax, 9/11 was an inside job, and the holocaust never happened were the craziest people on this planet...I was wrong.

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