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Danny Hope has his first verbal of 2013
Joe Holland's cousin, Danny Elting, the QB out of Terre Haute is the guy.  He turned down Iowa to play for Purdue...and sounds like a very solid verbal.  One of the main reason he came to Purdue is because of his cousin's career in West Laffy.

After Marve and TerBush graduate, Purdue will have Henry, Appleby, Marshal, Gray, Gregory.  I believe one or two of the incoming Freshman will not be QBs at this time next year.  Also, Henry will probably commission the NCAA for a sixth year of eligibility.  But as former Boiler Keith Smith reminded me, the NCAA does whatever it wants...so you never know what to expect from them.

Still, there is really no reason for Hope to pursue another QB in the class of '13.

Hart's effect
In the next week, we'll take a look at John Hart's departure and how it effects the team.  Our newest writer, James, wrote a piece of how important he saw Hart for the team next season prior to Hart's decision to transfer.

I didn't see Hart playing a huge amount of minutes in '12/'13 due to his defensive struggles...but there's no doubt that Purdue will miss his leadership.

With time running out, and two schollies available in the coming year, I think Anthrop will get another year under scholarship...as for the second, that still seems to be a pretty large question mark.

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