Greetings from the Girl

Well hello to the loyal readers (and those who just saw the word Girl in the title)!

Nicole here, or Nikki-J, as I was dubbed during my days of athletic stardom in elementary school. At 5-foot-8 in fifth grade I couldn't help but be good at basketball when most the other girls were a full foot shorter. I used to think I was going to be the next Lisa Leslie, but then I stopped growing.

She's going to be a veterinarian someday

My passions include shopping and dancing [Same as boilerdowd -J] and most of all, Purdue athletics. During my time with Boiled Sports, I hope to bring a student's perspective on the Boilermaker sports world and will occasionally (despite B-dowd's disdain) comment on women's basketball, which kind of rocks if you didn't know.

As a member of the Reamer Club (the people who drive the Boilermaker Special) I will try to include University traditions whenever possible. For instance, I have never willingly walked under the Bell Tower and am still on track to graduate in four years. [How about the roaring lion? -BS]

He's CLASS-y

As the school year draws to a close, I'd like bid farewell to those student-athletes graduating: Congratulations to especially the men's and women's basketball teams, you've been both fun and painful to watch.

Rod Woodson To Be Honored in Ft. Wayne

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