I saw a thread on the KHC board about the comparison of Barlow to LewJack...and it got me thinking about this season versus last season.

Lewis Jackson played a lot of minutes early last year...He started almost every game in '08/'09. But, things were very different for Jackson. Every healthy body played significant minutes...Hummel was hurt for a chunk of the season, Kramer was out for a few games, the bench was not nearly as deep. In fact, during a few games last season, Matty only utilized 7 players. This season, 11 players are averaging double-digit minutes...and five more have played in a couple of games. My point is, it's a different season and a different team...but make no mistake, replacing #23's worth in the line-up has been difficult, but a duo of players are doing a pretty good job of it.
Barlow has gotten better each game...and had the luxury of not being forced to play too many minutes too quickly. Wohlford came into this season in great shape and his hard work in the off season has "forced" (according to Painter) the coaches to put him in the game more-and-more as the season progresses.

I'm not sure if anybody here knows LewJack, or any of the other players...or if any players visit the site. But, one thing seems pretty obvious- everyone involved in this situation seems to understand its a team effort. Lewis Jackson's pace and ability to guard the opposition's pointguard on the ball isn't matched by anyone on the active roster. You can't make someone that quick. At the same time, LewJack will never be 6'5" and have a nearly-7 foot wingspan. Both of these guys have tools. And the third part of the equation, Wohlford, seems to play a bit harder than Barlow...and his situational awareness is that of a Senior. It'd be great if Painter had all parts at his disposal, but he hasn't, nor will he for at least two and one-half more months.

I've noticed Jackson trying to help guys on the court get into the correct position from the bench a few times...I've also noticed him looking like someone stole his lunch money a few times. This injury has clearly been hard on him. But, it's created opportunities for two guys that might not have seen significant, if any minutes this season...And Painter's been able to adjust the system according to the strengths of Wolford/Barlow. I'm excited to see both players progress as the BT schedule draws closer and closer. I'm also looking forward to a time when both Barlow and Jackson are available.

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