Heisman Talk If You're Into That Sort of Thing

The smart money seems to be on Colt McCoy for Heisman, but other guys have been invited to New York for the pretentious traditional bestowing of an award that the presenters of which take a lot more seriously than anyone else in the county.

The problem is, everyone seems to be looking at the SEC and Big Twelve title games from last weekend as the resume for who should or shouldn't get it. I've heard a number of talking heads say that Colt McCoy hurt his case with that game. Okay, maybe, but they're still 13-0, no? And now Ndamukong Suh is a trendy pick for the award. Why, because he played well on Saturday? Come on. What a bunch of nonsense.

To slight guys who had phenomenal years just because their conference doesn't whore itself out to Dr. Pepper and add a superfluous conference championship game to the schedule (in December) is....well.... come to think of it, given how poorly the college football season ends, I guess it's right on track with how they do everything else.

We have no allegiances to any of the guys who will be smiling in New York for the presentation ceremony. But I have to say I think when you look at the numbers, it's hard to ignore Toby Gerhart. However, that's what everyone will likely do, in my opinion. In fact, I see Gerhart finishing no higher than fourth, most likely behind McCoy, Ingram and Tebow. Which is a shame, because Gerhart was a monster this year.

1,700 rushing yards
26 touchdowns
Nine (9) multi-touchdown games
TDs in 11 of 12 games
Three (3) 200-yard games

Kind of amazing.

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