Message to IU Fans: This Isn't Going Away

Why isn't this going away? Because statements like, "Sampson (Sanctions) impressed me as a man of highest integrity." (Thanks for the link, by the was sent to me by an IU fan who was down on this hire from the beginning...that guy is smart) Who made the quote? Not IU's AD, Greenspan (who is clearly trying to cover for himself right now)...Nope, it was IU's President!!! Good stuff, they're all in this together now...At least Herbert's gone now, for IU's sake. I've read quite a bit on the IU boards...and more than half of the IU fans I've seen seem to be staunchly against Sanctions & Greenspan, at this point. While I know some of IU's faithful are awaiting the NCAA's ruling or lack-there-of, others are flat-out pissed at this situation.

So, is the NCAA going to step in and drop the hammer on IU & Sanctions? OR, is Indiana University going to fire Greenspan & Sanctions...Who knows. But I will say one of two things will happen in the next year. Either Sanctions will be fired OR you will see a drastic drop off in IU's level of recruiting.

You can quote me on that, if you'd like. If I was an IU fan who thought this was no big deal, I'd be scared, or at least bothered. Don't forget your ole buddy Miles is pulling the trigger up in Indianapolis.

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