Hubert Davis Explains Boilers Chances

Now, on Monday night, Digger said the Boilers weren't in. Then Tuesday night, Digger said they would get in. Then tonight on Sportscenter when they were breaking it down, whoever the analyst on SC was said that Purdue had two bad losses, to Minnesota and to Indiana State.

That brings us to tonight, after Purdue beat down Minnesota to move to 19-10 on the season and 8-7 in the Big Ten. This evening on whatever that ESPN college hoops show is called, Hubert Davis was asked about Purdue's chances of making the Tournament. And he's squarely in the middle, saying the Boilers need to win their last game (against Northwestern) and then "make some noise" in the Big Ten tournament. Of course, it doesn't help Purdue's case that they're having games disappear from the record. The below graphic was shown during Hubert's analysis:

Only "one win on their opponents' home floor"? Wait, did the February 3 win at Penn State not count? I mean, I realize it was Penn State but it still counts as a road win, right? I mean, I realize the Boilers don't have many road wins this year but don't take away half the win total, Hubert. Do a smidge of research before going on the air. Thanks.

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