Small Time

...Not the rivalry of UNC/Duke, that's big time...biggest rivalry in college basketball, maybe in all of college sports. The actions & words of a-hole guard Gerald Henderson are cowardly and small-time.

"He got our guys in the air, and I came down on him," Henderson said. "It's unfortunate that it turned out like it did, but I wasn't trying to hurt the kid or anything. It just turned worse than it was."

Alright jackass, let's get a few things straight- first off, you don't have the right to call Hansbrough "kid". You are a Freshman, he is a Sophomore. You are a good player, he is great. Punk.

I don't even like UNC, but I can tell you, the footage of the extremely flagrant foul by Henderson infuriated me. He should not only be suspended for one game, but for the remainder of the season (which won't be too long since Duke will probably be out by the third round of the dance).

ESPN & CBS Sportsline both called the foul "ugly"...Duke's piece of crap website nearly acted like it didn't happen. Coach K has a chance to save face and take swift action against Henderson...Chances are, he will roll over, do nothing and continue to be the fraud that he's always been.
"I don't consider myself a coach, I consider myself a teacher." Teach us, oh wise one.

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