Official Coaches List (CMigrator copy 1)

We here at Boiled Sports aren't proponents of the idea of Tiller being forced out. BUT, we are big proponents of him leaving on his own in the 12 months. I posted a bit of this last week in a response, but here is what I'd like to be done in the very near future.

First, Burke & Tiller need to have a little talk after the bowl season, prior to fishing season. Last season, both men claimed to have had a conversation that talked specifically about the Maryland loss and how neither think going to a bowl is merely enough.

Regardless of the outcome of the bowl game, Burke needs to ask for Coach Zaunbrecher to start calling plays and to officially make just him the Offensive coordinator while demoting Legg. The offense is a good place to start since this unit seems to only be able to score regularly versus lower-level Big Ten opponents.

If Purdue loses the bowl and/or the Bucket game, Burke needs to ask for Spack to be demoted to linebackers coach and make Hagen the defensive coordinator. This will do a couple things. First, it will move Spack out of the running to be successor to Tiller, second, it will give Hagen a pay increase and put him in the running for the head coaching position...and keep him from going to IU to be HC.

When Tiller leaves, probably after passing Mollenkopf next season, here are the guys that I'd like to see interviewed for the position:

1. Jimbo Fisher, LSU OC
He's been a candidate on about everybody's list for the last few years, but has decided to stay at LSU...If not offered the HC position when Miles heads to UM, he'd be the right guy.

2. Bo Pelini, LSU DC
Same story as Fisher...but on the other side of the ball. Just look at LSU's defense and you'll know why he's a great candidate.

3. Tommy Bowden, Clemson HC
Bowden has been on the hot seat since about gotta figure he will be eventually run out of town. If the timing's right, I'd like to see them at least interview Bowden.

4. Gary Patterson, TCU HC
Defensive-minded coach who has led TCU to bowl games and regularly winning despite having good facilities, rich tradition or a good fan base.

5. Chris Peterson, Boise St. HC
Wins at a place where it's tough to get anybody to come and play...Kind of green when it comes to head coaching, but similar to Matt Painter, on the basketball side.

6. Ron English, Michigan DC
He's young, he's energetic, he comes from one of the best programs in the land, and he's black. His race would help with recruiting and his knowledge of big time football would help him build his staff.

7. Mark Farley, Northern Iowa HC
Young, bulldog type coach...His teams compete & win versus D-I teams...not a hot prospect right now, but will be soon. He will be cheap to sign...give him incentives!

8. Craig Bohl, North Dakota State HC
(see above)

9. Kevin Sumlin, Oklahoma, Passing Game Coordinator
Once again, he's African American and pretty young...& he's a good offensive mind. Plus, he's got Purdue connections; never a bad thing.

10. Mark Hagen, Purdue, Asst. HC
Pretty solid recruiter, talented and young. You might be able to tie him up before Joe decides to go, he'd be cheap which Burke always likes.

What's that? Why, it's a sideboob!